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Art and Sculpture
Art and Music

Tunes and Textures Enrich Your Resort Experiences

Blending with stunning desert and mountain backdrops, a treasure trove of art and sculpture gems beckons exploration. At the same time, Hacienda del Sol is a stage for diverse musical talents, offering everything from timeless jazz harmonies to romantic piano serenades and gentle classical guitar melodies.

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    Art and Sculptures

    Throughout the property, artistic expressions including sculptures, paintings, pottery, photography, and tilework harmonize with the environment. A wealth of art and sculpture awaits discovery - from bold and prominent pieces to those delicately nestled in the scenery. With over 100 distinctive works scattered throughout, every turn at our historic Tucson resort promises an aesthetic delight for your eyes.

    Take a look through sculptures available to purchase here!

    Browse through our digital prints gallery here.

    • Live Music show at Arizona

      Live Music

      From timeless jazz melodies to romantic piano serenades and the gentle strumming of a classical guitar, our live music offerings showcase a diverse array of gifted musicians. Experience soulful performances in the comfort of our air-conditioned Terraza Garden Patio & Lounge, or listen to our house pianist Dennis Moore in The Grill every night it's open. Reservations are not required, but we do recommend them to ensure the best seat!