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Upon Arrival Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch Resort
Arrival Amenities

Elevating Your Stay from the Start

Our Southwestern charm takes your stay up a notch. Upon your arrival at our historic resort, we offer a variety of amenities to have placed in your room prior to arrival. Treat yourself to freshly dipped chocolate covered strawberries, a chef's board with cheeses and meats, or a bottle of wine. Perfect for treating a friend or family member staying at the resort, as well!

Please call 520-299-1501 to speak with an agent and arrange the Best Stay in Tucson!


Chef's Board

Indulge in our Chef's Board featuring prosciutto, charred asparagus, grilled artichokes, grained fig mustard, aged Manchego, Humboldt Fog chevre and garlic crostini. This plate serves 2-4 guests and is perfect to have in your room for a late night arrival.

Hacienda Strawberries

Enjoy six large strawberries thoughtfully decorated in white and milk chocolate. Please allow 24 hours in advance prior to delivery date/time.

Deluxe Strawberries are also available which are topped with peanuts, coconut, oreo pieces, ect.

Bridal Strawberries

Bridal Strawberries

Four custom designed strawberries made into tux's and dresses with white and dark chocolate. Perfect for newlyweds or anniversaries! Please allow 24 hours in advanced prior to delivery date/time.

Chips, Salsa & Guacamole

Enjoy a savory bite of tortilla chips, house-made salsa and guacamole.

Sedona Water

Enjoy a 1 liter glass bottle of Sedona Sparkling or Still water.

2 Domestic Beers

Choose 2 of our bottled domestic beers: Bud, Bud Lite, Ultra or Coors Lite.

Amenity Wine

Enjoy a bottle of red or white house wine. Splits are also available.