Hacienda Del Sol

1950’s Fashion Show at Hacienda Del Sol

See some of the 1950's looks from a fashion show that took place on our grounds nearly 70 years ago.

We're always learning something new about our history. Just this week a sweet guest dropped off some photos she had received from her grandmother from a 1950's fashion show that took place right here at Hacienda Del Sol. 

You can see the lovely ladies in the below photos were right on trend during the 1950's. Closely defined waistlines and big, billowing tea-length skirts were all the rage - this style was often referred to as a "50s Swing Dress". 

Just check out these old sewing patterns and advertisements from the 1950’s - the ladies of Hacienda Del Sol were right on trend!

Want to see more fashion from years past? Check out the 1938 Hacienda Del Sol Ranch School Yearbook here.

Stop by and experience a living history for yourself. See you soon.