Hacienda Del Sol

What’s Growing in the Chef’s Garden?

See what fresh flavors are on the menu right now, straight from the garden to your plate.

Our beautiful Chef’s Garden was built in the summer of 2010. With assistance from Dr. Andrew Weil, an internationally-known expert in the field of integrative medicine, the garden was built a few steps away from The Terraza Garden Patio & Lounge

The circular garden covers nearly 1,500 square feet, but that’s not the only area with fresh-grown ingredients. Hacienda Del Sol also has a 400 square foot herb garden that chefs and bartenders frequent to add a little extra freshness to their creations. The herb garden is as beautiful as it is delicious featuring fresh basil, rosemary, oregano, mint, cilantro, lemongrass and more. 

We grow plenty of fresh vegetables in the Chef’s Garden. Some of our favorites include starburst radish, tomatoes, a variety of peppers, butter head lettuces and different kinds of beans. Depending on the season, what we grow changes. In the spring and summer when temperatures are higher, we grow hot peppers, squash, melons and eggplant which all grow well in a warmer climate. 

In the fall and winter months, we grow lettuce, broccoli, arugula, cauliflower, kale, peas, carrots and beets. We have three landscapers who care for our gardens every single day. Melanie Zettel, our gardening expert, formulates all of our seasonally growing plans alongside Chef Bruce Yim.

In addition to our vegetable and herb gardens, we also have an area of lush fruit trees. We grow a wide variety of delectable citrus like blood oranges, Mexican limes, ruby red grapefruit, Myer lemons, variegated lemons and kumquats. 

In 2017, we added a greenhouse to our resort. Situated on the south end of our property, it is used mainly to jumpstart our seed germination process for the following year’s planting season. The seeds are planted in the greenhouse and when the time is right, the gardeners transplant the seedlings directly into the Chef’s Garden. 

The Greenhouse is also used to grow microgreens, tomatoes and peppers for The Grill.

So what exactly is a microgreen? Microgreens are very young plants often used as garnishes or in salads. When seeds are first planted and have just germinated, they are considered sprouts. The next stage after a sprout is a microgreen. Typically, the first small leaves that begin to grow are the flavorful, nutrient-rich parts of microgreens. Some of our microgreens include dill, arugula and broccoli. 

Ready to come try some delicious and fresh flavors? Stop by the Terraza Garden Patio & Lounge for a craft cocktail or The Grill for one of Chef Bruce Yim’s fresh creations today.

See you soon.