Hacienda Del Sol

What Makes The Sonoran Desert So Unique?

Learn more about our surrounding desert landscape and why we love it so much.

Did you know that nearly one third of the Earth’s land surface is desert? Some of those deserts are even found in cold climates like the Antarctic Polar Desert and the Arctic Polar Desert. Our beautiful and unique Sonoran Desert is not as big as some of the other deserts in the world, but it covers an impressive 120,000 square miles. So what exactly makes our desert so special? 

Every year between July and September, our desert landscape experiences the impressive monsoon season. You can expect rainy weather, thunder and lightning in the late afternoons throughout these months. From the resort, many of the Catalina Rooms that face the Santa Catalina Mountains have a prime view of the storm clouds rolling in over the mountain peaks. 

The Sunsets
If you’ve ever seen a sunset in Arizona, you already know there’s nothing quite like it. They are often filled with vibrant colors like red, orange, purple and pink. Just take a look at this sunset view from a Hacienda Del Sol wedding

The Plants
The plants in the Sonoran Desert are some of the most unique and most diverse in all of North America. Take the state plant for example, the Saguaro. These tall and beautiful cacti are only found in our Sonoran Desert. The Saguaro grows very slowly taking ten years to even grow one inch! The largest Saguaro ever recorded was 78 feet tall. Some of them have many arms that grow from the main base of the plant and others have none. One thing is for sure, these mysterious plants are a unique and beautiful piece of our desert. Take a horseback ride through the Catalina Foothills and see how many Saguaros you can spot. 


The Wildlife
From javelinas to colorful lizards, the Sonoran Desert is full of beautiful and unique wildlife. Frequent visitors to our resort include hummingbirds, roadrunners, quail and more. We even have the world-famous Sonoran Desert Museum right in our backyard for guests and locals alike to learn more about our unique wild animals. Check out our Arizona Wildlife Pinterest board to learn more. 


There’s so much beauty in the Sonoran Desert, come experience it for yourself at Hacienda Del Sol. Call 520-299-1501 to book your desert escape. 

See you soon.