Hacienda Del Sol

Take a City of Gastronomy Tour through Hacienda Del Sol Restaurant Menus

Hacienda Del Sol's Terraza Garden Patio & Lounge and Grill restaurants offer guests and visitors the opportunity to take a tour of Tucson's heritage offerings without leaving the property!

In 2016 The Global Alliance's Creative Cities Network, a UNESCO program, honored Tucson as a City of Gastronomy. The designation was made, in large part, due to the region's 4,000-year agricultural history and practices to preserve and support culinary tradition and industry. Tucson is the first U.S. city to receive this prestigious title.

Long prior to Tucson's addition to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network program, Executive Chef Bruce Yim and the Hacienda Del Sol culinary team sourced ingredients and inspiration regionally and seasonally. "It is incredibly important to us that we source as many ingredients as we can locally," states Executive Chef Bruce Yim. "We communicate with the farms around us to find ingredients that are in season and freshly harvested. We are always pushing the envelope to give the guest an experience beyond what they are expecting."


Hacienda Del Sol's Terraza Garden Patio & Lounge and Grill restaurants offer guests and visitors the opportunity to take a tour of Tucson's heritage offerings without leaving the property! Try this sample menu of items to take a tasty, uniquely Hacienda Del Sol tour of the United States' first City of Gastronomy!


Arbuckle's French Roast – Hacienda Del Sol "Signature Blend" coffee. Coffee is good. Locally roasted, freshly ground Hacienda Del Sol coffee is amazing!

Hacienda Rancheros  – Our take on huevos rancheros featuring fried eggs, house-made tortillas, black beans, pico de gallo, charred onion crema. It's stunningly delicious, regionally representative, a little messy and a lot of fun!

Orange Mimosa – Infused with orange and blood orange juice from trees on property when in season!


Calabacitas Nachos
– Yes! Nachos with calabacitas (zucchini, corn, tomatoes, and poblano peppers)! You won't regret diving into tortilla chips covered in mushroom, spinach, butternut squash, heritage beans, Mexican corn, pico de gallo, cotija, poblano crema, sour cream and scallions.

Slow Roasted Pork & Calabacitas Tacos – Super tender pork with perfectly crisped edges is served on house-made beet-corn tortillas with poblano crema, crispy calabacitas, cabbage, pico de gallo. 'Nuff said here. Just do it. There are hardly words!

Winter Citrus Tart ­– Local citrus, sweet tart shell, raspberry gel, toasted marshmallow fluff, fresh fruit, micro-flowers. It's all about the fluff. No, it's about the perfectly sweet tarts. The toasted marshmallow? It's hard to tell as it's all so delicious. Plus, fruit = healthy, right?


Hayden Mill's Barley and Buffalo Soup
– Roasted chicken and veal are seared, the pan is deglazed with Guinness beer, then everybody in the pot! Black barley, ricotta salata, and scallions are then added to create this rich and savory soup!  

Double Cut Pork Chop – Arbuckle coffee brined pork, rattlesnake egg, Native Seeds/Search Tepary bean puree, mashed sweet potato, fennel, citrus chile gastrique. No, it's not a real reptile egg. It's a jalapeño pepper stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. A perfect accompaniment to the best pork chop you'll ever have!

HDS Hot Cocoa – Southwest spiced hot cocoa with house-made mesquite marshmallows. For a kick, add Arizona Whiskey Del Bac! Step aside, Willy Wonka. This chocolate drink is one for the record books!


Southern Arizona offers abundant sources of regionally significant and raised ingredients. Here are just a few of the purveyors we tap for our menus:

Arbuckle Coffee Roasters. Known as the coffee that won the west and Cowboys' First Coffee, Arbuckle began producing roasted coffee just after the U.S. Civil War. It was the first consistently and expertly roasted coffee to be packaged in one-pound bags. It was such a staple in the American Southwest that cowboys from Dodge City to Tombstone weren't aware there was any other kind and the words Arbuckle and coffee were interchangeable! While neither the founders nor the beans hail from the region, the traditional roasting takes place right here! So grab a cup and set a spell. Maybe ponder the likes of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday doing the same!

Alejandro's Tortilla Factory. Founded in 1980 by Alejandrina and Jose Cazares, Alejandro's has become a state-wide household name for flour and corn tortillas, chips, bread and buns. For years after its inception, the signature products were made by hand and distributed by a single truck. The increased demand for traditional fresh tortillas and breads has necessitated implementation of equipment but the quality and authenticity remain! Whether wrapped around some delicious borderland delight or just rolled for a snack on the go, Alejandro's tortillas are delicate and delicious Tucson treasures!

Robbs Family Farm. In 1955, Texans Floyd and Rose Mary Robbs put shovel to dirt just outside of Wilcox, Arizona in what was known as the Kansas Settlement. Originally planted with milo grain sorghum and iceberg lettuce, the farm later began growing cotton as well. After taking over the farm in 1990, Floyd and Rose Mary's son Alan and his wife Kathy expanded and transformed the farm by adding pistachio and pecan orchards. Today Robbs Family Farm provides nuts, onions, pumpkins, peppers and watermelon directly to restaurants and home chefs at local farmers markets.