Hacienda Del Sol

Student Spotlight: Mary Jo Wymond

Learn a little about the life of 1937 Hacienda Del Sol student, Mary Jo Wymond.

Ms. Mary Jo Wymond attended and graduated from Hacienda Del Sol in 1937. 

In the 1937 yearbook, of which we only have a few pages, Mary Jo was described as stubborn, courageous and imaginative. 

Mary Jo had a love for animals, dogs in particular. A photo of her in her dorm room, now a charming historic room where guests can stay, shows her poster of a cute puppy and a stuffed dog on her bed. She also enjoyed writing poetry and penned a short poem about a dog show. 

After graduation, she served in WWII (like fellow alum, Shirley Slade) with the American Red Cross. Specifically, Mary Jo was assigned to assist the 486th Bomber Division of the Air Force. 

From left to right, Kay Brainard Hutchins, Mary Jo Wymond and Jean St Clair

The pilots of the 486th Bomber Division flew both B-24s and B-17s. One of these pilots, Robert Whitney, would later become Mary Jo’s husband. Robert was a squadron leader in his division and was based in Sudbury, England and flew over 44 missions. He met Mary Jo in Sudbury and they were married in 1946 and eventually moved to South Pasadena, California where they raised their four children. Ms. Mary Jo Wymond passed away in 1992 at the age of 73. 

Learn more about the students of Hacienda Del Sol in the 1938 Yearbook or stop by and experience a living history for yourself.

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