Hacienda Del Sol

School Studies at Hacienda Del Sol in 1936

Students at Hacienda Del Sol completed plenty of coursework to prepare for life after school, take a look at some of the things they studied.

Hacienda Del Sol was once a ranch school for girls age twelve to eighteen. The University of Arizona Special Collections shared a copy the school’s overview brochure with us and it describes the school when it first opened its doors. Take a look at the some the highlights from a day in the life of a student at Hacienda Del Sol below.

The school often advertised modern methods of individual instruction which allowed each girl to progress as rapidly as they wanted in certain areas of study. The school also took pride in preparing each girl for the College Board Examinations. Given the mild climate during the schoolyear, girls were encouraged to participate in outdoor activities like tennis, archery and horseback riding. 

Students practicing archery on the grounds of Hacienda Del Sol


A day in the life of a student at Hacienda Del Sol included the following courses:


  • To encourage reading of the best classical and current literature 
  • To teach correct self-expression, oral and written
  • Composition: the sentence, the paragraph, the theme 
  • History of English literature 

Textbooks required:

  • Tressler, Grammar in Action
  • Tressler, English in Action Books 1 & 2 
  • Gayley, Classic Myths 
  • Adventures in English Literature 



  • Students are advised to begin this subject in 8th grade 
  • This course is recommended to be taken for three years 
  • Meets the requirements for the College Entrance Board
  • Grammar and prose composition 
  • Reading of Caesar, Cicero and Vergil 

Student Mary Jo Wymond studies at her desk




  • Two units of Algebra and two units of Geometry 
  • This course encourages self-reliance, accuracy and the exercise of judgement 

Textbooks required:

  • Wells & Hart’s Modern Plane Geometry 



  • Course covers taxonomy, morphology, physiology, genetics, ecology, distribution and behavior 
  • Course includes laboratory work and field trips within the vicinity of Hacienda Del Sol 


Modern Languages

  • Four years of either Spanish or French
  • Covers grammar, composition and dictation 
  • The courses focus on correct pronunciation and fluency in idiom and conversation 

Small class sizes allowed for individual attention



  • Course covers Ancient, Mediaeval, Modern and American 
  • Students are assigned to read the best historical novels illustrative of the periods which they are studying 


Graduate Courses:

  • The Development of the Novel
  • Advanced French 
  • Advanced Spanish 


You can see the entire 1936 Hacienda Del Sol school overview here, courtesy of The University of Arizona Special Collections. 

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