Hacienda Del Sol

Hacienda Gardens are Resplendent with Seasonal Flora

Fall and winter flower, herb, and veggie gardening is now in full swing here at Hacienda Del Sol!

Fall and winter flower, herb, and veggie gardening is now in full swing here at Hacienda Del Sol!

A few weeks ago we began transitioning our flower gardens to cooler weather varieties. Some of our summer flowers like zinnias and vincas were beginning to fade. Our team set into motion to add a new color splash to perfectly accent upcoming wedding and events planned over the next few months. Prior to planting the new flowers our expert gardeners evaluate the soil conditions in beds and pots to ensure the necessary nutrients and proper texture for drainage are present. Only when conditions are ideal will the new flowers be introduced so they have the best chance to take and prosper. We look forward to fall and winter flower planting because it signals not only cooler temperatures but also a greater variety of color for our garden designs. Blooms including petunias, pansies, geraniums, snapdragons, and calendula can now be enjoyed in many areas of the property. We strategically plant stock flowers, primarily in pots, along walkways. We’ve found that these plants not only provide stunning color clusters but also their fragrance is much enjoyed and frequently commented on. 

Likewise, our transitioning to more cool-weather herbs and vegetables began in earnest weeks earlier utilizing our greenhouse to start. Once developed and stable, these edibles are transplanted into the Chef’s Garden to mature and be harvested. Our growing list was developed in close coordination with Executive Chef Yim and his staff based on expected fall and winter menu offerings. This year’s yield will include butterhead lettuce, rainbow chard, romaine, baby greens, sugar snap peas, broccoli, radish, micro greens, cauliflower, and snow peas.

We invite you to enjoy a stroll around the property to take in the beauty of our landscape. Why not take a few extra moments to visit the Chef’s garden just a short walk up the footpath east of Terazza Garden Patio & Lounge

Whether gazing up at the amazing mountain view or down at the colorful (and sometimes nutritious) grounds’ accents, there is always something beautiful and alive to delight in at Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort. Come see for yourself.