Hacienda Del Sol partners with Clean The World

Hacienda Del Sol Partners with Clean The World

Learn about Hacienda Del Sol and Clean The World's impact across the globe.

In 2018, Hacienda Del Sol (along with many other Preferred Hotels) signed on with a global health organization, Clean The World. Recognizing the need to help those in need across the globe, Clean The World aims to provide resources, programming and education focused on water, sanitation and hygiene. This organization has many programs making a positive impact throughout the world including its hotel recycling program.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the bar of soap and the shampoo products you use after staying at a hotel?
At Hacienda Del Sol, you can rest assured knowing these leftover products are sanitized and recycled through Clean The World and then given to those in need.

Used bars of soap are cut up, meticulously sanitized through a state-certified testing facility and re-made into new bars of soap that will be sent to millions of people across the globe to prevent hygiene-related illnesses and deaths. Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, body washes and their bottles are recycled and made into hygiene kits to be distributed in places of need. To read about some of Clean The World's success stories, click here.

Since 2009, Clean The World has distributed more than 46 million bars of sanitized soaps in 127 different countries!

Learn more by watching the short video below.

So how much of an impact did Hacienda Del Sol make in 2018? 

  • Bars of Soap Distributed: 155
  • Pounds of Plastic Recycled: 22
  • Plastic Bottles made into Hygiene Kits: 58

What about the hotel industry as a whole in 2018?

  • Bars of Soap Distributed: 48,491,156 
  • Hygiene Kits Distributed: 2,086,830

Hacienda Del Sol is proud to be partnering with Clean The World. To make a donation to Clean The World, click here.