Hacienda Del Sol

Calling Out Permanent Residents at Hacienda Del Sol

Learn more about the hundreds of species of flora that create an un-official botanical garden across Hacienda Del Sol's 34-acre property.

If you've visited the property you've walked among them. If you're planning to spend time here, you may have heard us brag about them – our hundreds of species of flora that create an un-official botanical garden across Hacienda Del Sol's 34-acre property.

We are always happy to stop and answer questions or just chat about the edible and decorative cactus, trees, succulents, flowers, bushes and herbs that adorn our property. But we're about to take it a step further. We are currently drawing from the knowledge of Tucson Botanical Gardens horticulturists, our Director of Art & Gardens, Jeff Timan, and our resort Gardener Melanie Zettel, to identify and label many of our beautiful full-time residents.

The majority of our vegetation is xeriscape (low water use), including some of the most splendid specimens the Sonoran Desert has to offer. There are also dry-climate species from other arid regions that survive and blend beautifully into the mix.

In addition to labels planted near their subjects (made and installed by owner/partner/Director of Art and Gardens, Jeff Timan) we are in the process of photographing and creating a guide with some of each plant's most interesting details! Stay tuned for a date of availability!

When you next visit Hacienda Del Sol, take a leisurely stroll around the property and see how many of the new signs you can spot. We'd love to hear if you learn something new about one of your favorite living decorations.

Some of our vegetative residents called out are the Englemann's Prickley Pear, Century Plant, Crested Golden Barrel, Jojoba or Goat Nut, Indian Fig Prickly Pear, Mexican Fencepost, Senita Cactus, Candelilla, Desert Spoon or Common Sotol, Olive Tree, Resin Spurge cactus, Squid or Spider Agave, Octopus Agave, Foothill or Little Leaved Palo Verde, Queen Victoria Agave, Desert Barrel Cactus, Feather cactus, Golden Barrel cactus, Perry's Agave or Mescal Agave, White Striped Centruy Plant, Organ Pipe cactus, Lady's Slipper, Milkbush or Fire Stick Plant, Saguaro, Quiver Tree, Ocotillo, Cow's Tongue Prickly Pear cactus, Bunny Ears Prickly Pear, Thompson's Yucca, Giant Hesperaloe, and the Leather Leaf Acacia.

The list does go on! Of course, there are also the multitudes of annuals that bloom seasonally. At the time of this post, the property is redolent with the sweet smell from the many blooming citrus and mesquite trees as well!

It would be remiss not to mention our garden-envy-worthy Chef's garden on the eastern edge of the property. Things change seasonally in this impeccably tended edible oasis that is sure to make green thumbs and wannabes alike "ooooh and ahhhh" at the bounty here! Check back to the blog in a few days for details on what's growing and harvest-ready in the Chef's Garden in a few days!

In the mean time, make plans to walk among our 34 acres of flourishing flora. Drop in, stroll around, stay the night! Book your stay in our un-official botanical garden today!