Hacienda Del Sol

An Inside Look in the Hacienda Del Sol Gift Shop

See just a few of the handmade, unique items available to guests and locals alike.

Just to the right of the lobby you will find Hacienda Del Sol’s Gift Shop filled with hand-made gifts meticulously curated by partner, Robyn Kessler. Robyn frequently meets with local artisans and creatives, she is always bringing in new gifts and trinkets for guests to bring home with them. 

Here’s an inside look at just a few of the unique items we have in the Hacienda Del Sol Gift Shop.

Giving Bracelets

It’s no secret there’s plenty of gorgeous jewelry in the Gift Shop, from turquoise necklaces to hand-made earrings, there’s an accessory for every style. Amongst the sparkles and leather, we have hand-made earrings and bracelets from Giving Bracelets. 10% of all proceeds go towards the organization, CASA, learn more here.

Sigfús Designs

Created by local artist, Lauren Valenzuela, Sigfús jewelry offers an array of beautiful and on-trend, statement earrings. To read more about the inspiring story behind Sigfús, click here.  


Desert-themed Kids Books

There’s even a few keepsakes for kids nestled in our Gift Shop including desert classics like The Three Little Javelinas and Way Out in the Desert. 

Louise Block Jewelry

Louise Block, ceramic and glass artist based out of the United Kingdom, even has a few unique pieces sprinkled throughout our Gift Shop. Each pair of earrings is made entirely from plastic bags, no two pairs are alike. Learn more about Louise Block here


Eminence of Hungary Organic Skin Care Products

If you’ve experienced one of our spa treatments at Hacienda Del Sol, you already know how luxurious the Eminence of Hungary Organic Skin Care products are. Did you know you can take them home with you? We have all the serums, lotions, oils and moisturizers you could ever need available in the Gift Shop. Learn more about the organic, paraben-free products here


Stop by the Gift Shop next time you’re in the area and see what other unique treasures you find. See you soon.