Hacienda Del Sol

8 Hidden Treasures in Hacienda Del Sol’s Historic Library

You never know what you’ll uncover at the Historic Hacienda Del Sol.

The historic library is just a few feet away from our cozy lobby and its filled with vintage books, artwork and more. Learn about just a few of the hidden treasures you can find in this one of a kind room. 

  1. Hand-carved wooden beamed ceiling

    Original owners, Helen and John Murphey, designed every inch of Hacienda Del Sol with careful attention to detail. Helen Murphey herself hand-carved the beautiful wooden beams still up on the library ceiling today. 
  2. Hand-Operated Embossing Machine

    This vintage beauty, made in Massachusetts sometime in the 1930’s, was used for embossing numbers and letters.

  3. Records

    Not only can you find plenty of old records throughout the library shelves, you can even listen to them on our turntable.
  4. Vintage Encyclopedia Americana

    Among the other books in the library is the complete hardcover set of the 1953 Encyclopedia Americana.
  5. Vintage Encyclopedia Britannica   

    Even older than the 1953 Encyclopedia Americana set, the shelves hold a complete set of the 1929 14th Edition of The Encyclopedia Britannica used by the original school girls.
  6. Magazine Articles

    Throughout the shelves and walls of the library (and other areas of the resort) you can browse vintage magazine articles referencing Hacienda Del Sol, like this one from 1955. 
  7. Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary of the English Language   

    Circa 1921, this beautiful book sits in the southeast corner of the library where curious guests are welcome to thumb through its vintage pages.
  8. Westinghouse Radio

    Made in the 1950's or 1960's, this little radio once filled the library with some of our guests favorite tunes. 

1930s & 2018

We take great care to preserve the unique history at Hacienda Del Sol, learn more here
Stop by and see what other hidden treasures you might uncover. See you soon.