Hacienda Del Sol

1938 Yearbook: Hacienda del Sol Girls School

Take a step back in time and see the recently discovered 1938 Sun God Yearbook from Hacienda del Sol Girls School.

The 55-page 1938 Sun God yearbook is filled with photos and memories of the class of 1938 at Hacienda Del Sol.

See the entire yearbook here.

Don’t have time to read through the whole yearbook? Here’s a few of our favorite parts. 

We get a small glimpse into the lives of the students of Hacienda Del Sol, girls like Annie who had a weakness for fashionable earrings and Shirley who dreamt of being a jockey in the Kentucky derby. While Shirley didn't go on to become a jockey, she did become a WASP pilot (Women Airforce Service Pilots) and flew both the B-26 and B-39 airplanes from 1942-1944. Learn more about Shirley's extraordinary story here.

We think Shirley had the right idea with those siestas in the sun, still a common practice here at Hacienda Del Sol.


Ann’s beautifully written senior farewell still rings true today as you depart from Hacienda Del Sol and dream of your next visit.

Take a look at the yearbook in its entirety here or stop by Hacienda Del Sol and experience a living history for yourself. 

See you soon. 


*yearbook courtesy of The University of Arizona Library